Paging systems…Still?

How you can help:

– let us know if you’re hospital lacks complete mobile coverage
– let us know if you have come across an innovative way of using our mobile phones for intrahospital communication

A registrar on the ward is heard shouting in to his Walkie-Talkie. He needs airway support. Unfortunately the pager system has been down for the past month, the walkabout phone is in a ‘blackout area’, and much of the hospital has no mobile phone reception. His calls fall on deaf ears….

There is an App for everything. Surely there is an App to fix this problem.

Paging systems lead to delays. We are never sure if the intended recipient has received the message, how long it will take them to respond, or whether they will respond at all. This wasted time impacts significantly on work efficiency and ultimately impacts on patient care.

Patientsafe is committed to:
– promoting mobile phone coverage throughout all hospitals
– discovering an innovative solution that allows us to use our mobile phones privately within hospitals (and resigning paging systems as back up for cardiac arrest teams).

(pagers do have a reliable track record)

We will:
– keep you updated on progress
– communicate with hospitals committees, state and area health committees, and specialist colleges quality and safety bodies to promote this issue.

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