Our mission is to identify patient safety hazards and implement the most effective sustainable solutions.  We will do this through the use of human factors engineering and involving interested parties.

Many believe, that after severe adverse events occur, effective measures will be introduced to prevent them. Unfortunately existing frameworks in healthcare may actually hinder this. Traditional focus has been on human error and increasing staff accountability – this rarely leads to improved safety.

In light of this patientsafe has been created, composed primarily of frontline healthcare staff who understand and have an interest in patient safety. We communicate closely with experts from human factors, marketing, and senior bodies in healthcare. However, most of the implementation of most of these safety solutions requires a critical mass of support – without your input they are unlikely to eventuate – choose a topic, focus on it, and help us see it through.

If you are aware of a healthcare safety issue, and believe we can help, then please let us know.  Please avoid any identifying information (no patient, staff or hospital names).

Patientsafe has no financial interest with any of the products on this website.

We value any feedback and look forward to working with you…

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