Air can enter central lines accidentally left open to air in a matter of seconds causing intractable cardiac arrest. There have been numerous case reports of deaths from this mechanism – all are avoidable.

(See the CEC – Clinical Focus Report Central Venous Access Devices and Air Embolism)

We do not need central lines or vascular attachments that open to air. We could effectively eliminate this risk by replacing them with those that do not.

We will continue to update information on suppliers as it becomes available.

Please note we have no financial interest with any of the products discussed on this website.

Equipment Suppliers

Central Lines:


Altius central lines – TGA approval granted October 2016

Bill Houghton National Product Manager – Business Development

Regional Health Care Group,

Mobile: +61 (0)426 227 207




Paul Williams – Director New Medical, Mobile: +61 (0)410 537746



Stopcock with moulded H-Port valves product 50.262H

TUTA Australia, Vesna Acevska, Phone: 1300 361 162


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