Petition to Ban Indistinct Chlorhexidine

Hundreds of patients have been injured and killed because of this completely unnecessary hazard.

Pink chlorhexidine antiseptic (centre in image) is indistinct and easily mistaken for other colourless solutions.

It’s been accidentally injected into patients spines causing paralysis, legs leading to amputation, and arteries supplying the brain causing agonising death. There’s hundreds of cases (see here).

Red chlorhexidine (on right in image) is exactly the same solution, just more obvious. It’s already used in many hospitals without problem and at no extra cost.

Front line staff don’t want indistinct chlorhexidine in hospitals – read their comments attached to this petition and please click here to sign. Over 300 people have signed so far.

Does signing a petition have any impact?

Well yes:

  1. Orion has changed its pink chlorhexidine so it’s  distinct and yet does not stain the skin, however there’s other manufacturers still making indistinct pourable chlorhexidine.
  2. One area health service has stopped purchasing indistinct pourable chlorhexidine.

We hope others will follow suit.

You may have some questions – for more information please click here and read this link.

That indistinct pourable chlorhexidine hasn’t already been banned merely reflects the difficulty for healthcare safety to improve.

After heart disease, and cancer, medical error is the third greatest cause of death in hospitals – (this post helps explain why).

The only way to truly stop this unnecessary hazard from entering our hospitals is to ban it – simple.

Please sign the petition here and forward it to others.

As doctors and nurses working on the front line we sincerely thank you for your support.

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