Airway Triad

1. Preoxygenate ridiculously well 2. Use Capnography 3. Use a (DL&VL) device for intubations   1. Preoxygenate ridiculously well I cannot stress more the value of pre-oxygenation. I pre-oxygenate all of my patients having a GA, commencing as soon as they’re on the theatre table with 100% O2 with a mask that seals on their face – ambubag or similar most appropriate outside hospital – … Continue reading Airway Triad

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Video & Direct Laryngoscopes

Devices allowing simultaneous video and direct laryngoscopy represent a safety advantage over either direct laryngoscopes or video laryngoscopes. Intubation is more likely to be successful, with less airway trauma. Video&direct laryngoscopes which are smaller and easily portable provide an advantage over those that aren’t. The McGrathMAC and C Mac portable possess these ideal properties. The first attempt at intubation should be the best (and ideally … Continue reading Video & Direct Laryngoscopes