How about using chlorhexidine applicators?

The use of chlorhexidine applicators is ideal, removing the likelihood of chlorhexidine being poured into a gallipot from where it could be drawn up into a syringe. Unfortunately some institutions may be hesitant to buy applicators because of increased cost. In the UK and US 0.5% chlorhexidine in alcohol is the recommended antiseptic when performing epidurals and spinals. Applicators with this solution are not currently available in Australia.


There is no difference in cost, effectiveness, or adverse effects however between the almost colourless pink tinted chlorhexidine and the obvious tinted red.

There is no excuse to keep pourable tinted pink chlorhexidine. Human factors engineering teaches us inadvertant injection of chlorhexidine will continue while almost colourless pourable solutions of chlorhexidine exist.

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