Kimal Altius Central Line Testimony

Testimony 1
We are a fairly large Cardiothoracic department – approximately 1100 cardiac cases year, 650 lung cancer resections, 50 VV ECMO + 50-60 heart or lung transplants + mechanical cardiac support /LVADs etc. Part of our drive in moving to Kimal was the requirement for 7 lumen central lines (which as far as I am aware until recently their were none available, although we have been trialling another company as well).
From an air emboli point of view fortunately we have had no issues with our existing lines so was not the drive to change. We presently use Kimal central lines for all our long term transplants/ECMO / ‘sick patients on ITU’ where there is a need for multiple lumens – previously using 5 lumen lines.
We have had no issues with the line / insertion itself and think we are all happy with them. I believe the nursing staff are happy with them , connecting infusions etc and have no issues to date.
Testimony 2
I can encourage you to try this CVC. We used for more than 15 years 4-lumen Arrow catheters. They were prepared as a set. Initially, when it was small company and merchandized by Arrow itself, there was an excellent service. Since they were took over from Teleflex, the number of company representatives decreased tremendously. We had trouble with the clip of the 4 lumen catheter, in order that all catheter, slipped out from the clip, without pulling, This was discussed a coulee of time, but the company could not find a solution. What I appreciate with these catheters, they had solved the problem with the clip, the head of the connection, cannot be twisted and impairs the infusion, e.g. from vasopressor drugs. Another advantage was, that they provide us the 5 –lumen catheter as a set, including a disposable needle holder for the same price as the 4-Lumen Arrow. The only shortcoming is the syringe for vein access. The Arrow sets provided a syringe, where the wire could pass the syringe from the end into the needle and then to the vessel. This kind of syringe is different from Arrow and appears less comfortable. However, we can handle it.
Testimony 3
Hi. Yes I have used this central line and it is very nice. The way it is inserted decreases the risk of air embolus as it remains a closed system – the wire comes through the top. Also the clave tops are useful as they cannot be removed by Icu or other staff. Altogether I think an advance . You should certainly try it out.