Why not just use Iodine?

Chlorhexidine is a more effective skin disinfectant than povidone-iodine.

The American Society of Regional Anesthesia, the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the Royal College of Anaesthetists (in the NAP3 report) have all recommended chlorhexidine in alcohol as the skin disinfectant of choice for epidural and spinal blockade (see here).

Health care staff are obliged to use the recommended antiseptic and fear litigation in case of infection when an inferior antiseptic is used.

It is also prudent to avoid using colourless skin disinfectant, to reduce the chance of mistaking it for saline or local anaesthetic solution, as happened in the Australian case.

Please help us remove pourable pink and other almost colourless versions of chlorhexidine from hospital – click here to sign the petition.