Central Line Management Form

One universal form for central line documentation will allow strong data generation to review equipment and processes.

Despite the nurse indicating that there had been a verbal request for the removal of the patient’s central line, there was no written documentation that this should take place, and no clear indication why….

We encourage all hospitals and staff in NSW to use the:

Central Line Insertion Record SMR090.200

Supplied by:
Salmat Printing on Demand, 2 Military Road, Matraville.
Tel 93119899, Fax 93111076, Catalogue supply number: NH606515

We’ve audited data from this form at a single centre (see here). Much captured data had little impact on future management and could potentially be removed from subsequent audits.

The ‘Central Venous Line Insertion Record’ could be improved upon to focus on important aspects of central line management from request through to removal. We could generate a powerful tool for reviewing the processes and equipment we use.

An electronic form would be ideal – until all hospitals can access this format data capture will be greater with a paper form.

We value feedback on the mock form to refine it prior to trial:

(Central Line Management Form PDF)




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